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Unplugged Wedding: Is It For You?

Unplugged weddings are a growing trend in the tme of technology. Learn about what an unplugged wedding is and some things to consider before deciding that it’s for you.

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Intimate Backyard Wedding Proves Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Backyard weddings can be just as intimate, romantic and beautiful as any other wedding. For this couple, it was the best way to celebrate their special day after 10 years together.

Wedding Party at Mill Race in Cambridge


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5 Perks to Having a Second Wedding Photographer

Having a second photographer on your wedding day is becoming more and more popular. I often get asked about this choice when speaking with clients. As a wedding photographer, I have worked both as a primary and secondary photographer. I have known couples to love it and to hate it.  No matter what way you […]

disney cruise wedding couple second wedding photographer

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Top Canadian Honeymoon Destinations

COVID-19 is changing a lot about the world, especially weddings. COVID-19 wedding couples are a whole group on their own as cancellations and postponements interrupt nuptials on a global scale. As gatherings start being allowed and wedding licenses are again being issued, one of the things on the minds of couples is their honeymoon. For Canadians, […]

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I Said Yes! . . . Now What?

After you say “I Do”, there’s such a thrill. There’s excitement, champaign, telling friends and family and then . . . what? What do you do first? Well, this blog will help to answer that question.

Engaged couple at Disney

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