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Photographer, educator & traveller

What's the saying? Love know no boundaries? Well, neither do I! 

Whether you're planning for an intimate wedding at a lakeside cottage or jetting off to a seaside villa with a group of friends, I'd love to be there right along with ya!



Feel confident in your decision when it comes to choosing the right photographer for your wedding day.

Finding the right match is super important and I think that building a relationship that goes beyond pretty photos is key to capturing who you both are as a couple.

So here's a few fun facts about me and my biz that could be the start of building the foundation of our friendship.

Kitchener Wedding photographer // servicing Muskoka, Banff and international destinations



Number of years I have been documenting couples

A travel enthusiast living my best Disney life with my husband and two boys. Can frequently be found walking the runaway to board my next flight, sipping my Starbucks while browsing the lifestyle section at Chapters or lounging poolside under a palm with a good read.

Lover of good puns, Disney mugs and people who don't take life too seriously!



facts and figures

Number of countries my clients have taken me to

Number of first dances I have cried through

Number of times I make a fool of myself getting you to laugh for photos

"Did we just become best friends?"

it's Jess

Who's that girl

- Step Brothers


• Instagram
• Pinterest
• Canva
• Candy Crush
• Airbnb
• Honeybook


• American Eagle
• Roots
• Disney
• Southwest Airlines
• Australian Gold
• Apple

must read

• Build to Belong
• Celestine Prophecy
• Atomic Habits
• Hunger Games
• Devil wears Prada
• Harry Potter

on repeat

• T-Swift
• Justin Bieber
• Jordan Davis
• Garth Brooks
• JoJo
• Luke Combs


• Sex in the City
• New Girl
• Superstore
• Big Bang Theory
• Modern Family
• The Mandalorian

On the daily

On the daily

What makes me smile


Spending time with my family is always at the top of my priority list. I married my high school sweetheart back in May 2010 and we have two boys together. I love being a family of 4 because no one has to ride a Disney attraction alone and we can always put the buddy system to good use. We love games nights, days at the beach and eating endless pizza.


My passion for playing volleyball began when I got my first experience playing for my elementary school in grade 4 and have not stopped since. 

Needless to say, indoor or beach, you can find me playing the sport that I love.


If you need to know anything about me this is it! I am a Disney girl through and through and Walt Disney World is my home away from home. 

My happy place includes me hanging out in the hub grass, people watching with my Starbucks. Nothing beats starring at that castle all day.


Nothing starts my day off better than a warm cup of java, am I right? For the longest time I was a tea only kinda gal, but my new found love for Starbucks and my Nespresso machine has changed my mind. 

My go to order is a venti caramel macchiato with 2 extra pumps of caramel.


Ahhh Moana got it right, "it calls me."

There is nothing more soothing for me than a day at the beach. Although it is a love/hate because I dislike sand on my hands and swimming in the ocean. But the sound of the waves crashing on the shore as I take in the sun, makes me smile!

a dreamer at heart, just like ya girl!

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2022 Dates

2023 Dates

December 3 - 14, Orlando, FL
December 15 - 19, Disney Cruise

January 8 - 15, Orlando, FL
January 16 - 20, Disney Cruise
January 21 - February 2, Orlando, FL
February 3 - 6, Disney Cruise
February 21 - March 3, Orlando, FL
March 4 - 11, Disney Cruise
March 12 - 25, Orlando, FL
April 16 - May 2, Orlando, FL
May 18 - 21, Orlando, FL
May 22 - 26, Disney Cruise
July 11 - 17, NJ/NYC
July 27 - August 3, PNW, USA
August 3 - 12,Kauai, HI

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Upcoming travel

Upcoming travel

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