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COVID policy:
Step by step guide to a stress-free date change for you and your vendors.

7. Take a deep breath! 

All of your wedding vendors not available on your new date?


Reschedule Availability


6. Inform your guests

5. Don't delay and confirm new date ASAP!

4. Contact your vendors

3. Read through all of your vendor contracts

2. Connect with your event/wedding insurance. If you have it.

1. Connect with your venue

Here we are in the middle of a pandemic, and life is getting tricky, am I right? 
Both you and I never could have seen this coming, but let's do our best to navigate this uncertain time. 

I am going to assume that like me, many of your vendors are here to support, encourage and do our best to make your wedding day possible.

So, should you find that you need to reschedule your date, here is what I suggest you to do. 

Knowing your options is key, so connect with your venue as soon as you decide that you would like to switch your date. Find out what dates they have available and pick 3, this will allow options for you and your vendors.

Read your policy & contact them to get clarity on the policy should you need it. Although it may not cover all of your expenses, it may assist with any lost retainers. Knowing how it will cover you prior to contacting your vendors will help relief additional stresses. 

This is very important. Check and double check the cancellation or date change policies that may apply. Write down any questions you may have per vendor so you can send them all in one initial email. 

If possible, send one bulk email to all of your vendors with the 3 date options you received from your venue. See who is available and when. Keep track of this in a google sheet along with any fees that may apply for canceling or changing dates. Is the retainer transferable? Is there  a new payment schedule?

My Policy: Should I be available on the new date you choose, we will move the date. There will be a date change fee of $500.00 per change, should you choose to move your date NOT due to government closures. We will make also make a small modification to the payment structure. 50% of the remaining balance will be due on the original contract due date with the other 50% balance owing due before the new contract date. There will be a contract to move the collection to the new date.

Cancelation with me: Should the new date that you are rescheduling to not be available and the cancelation is NOT due to government closures but personal choice to move your date, the original cancelation clause on your contract will apply. Should you cancel due to government closures and wish to not choose a new date, all monies paid up to that point are non-refundable. I will send over a cancelation agreement that we will both sign and cancel any remaining payments. All monies paid up until this point will be non-refundable. 

Once you have a date that works for all (or most) of your vendors and venue, confirm right away and get that on the calendar. With many couples reaching out for new dates, do not delay on this as the date you are hoping so could possibly get picked up. So once you know what date you are going to move to, do so accordingly. 

Alright, the new date is set and now is the perfect time to inform your guests if you had previously sent out save the dates or invites.
If needed, update your wedding website as well to showcase the new information. Should you have a hotel room block, give them a call as well to schedule the new dates. 

I understand this can be very stressful and overwhelming at times, so try your best to remain calm and clear headed as you navigate this as a couple. If you need any assistance, I am here to lean on to encourage and support you any way I can. 

As a friendly reminder, at the end of this all, the important part is that you will end up married and live your happily ever after, even though it may not be how you dreamt it up. You still have each other and that is what counts. 

Below you will find our current schedule for 2021/2022. 
At this time, we are also continuing to take on new bookings. 

Dates are booked

unavailable dates

Don't fret! If you find that you are not able to reschedule all of your vendors, I would be happy to send over a list of some stellar options for you. I can forward over my preferred vendor list if you send me an email at

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