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A Fall Time Family Photo Shoot

August 19, 2020

Believe it or not, but fall is on its way. I love pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, cute boots and Halloween as much as the next girl. But, if there’s something I love as a photographer about this season, it’s fall family photos.

This fall family photo session took place at Huron Natural Area in Kitchener, Ontario.  Huron Natural Area is the largest natural space within the City of Kitchener. It’s made up of 107 hectares of natural parks, trails, lakes and forests. The park contains wetlands, a natural playground for children, and encompasses Strasburg Creek – one of the city’s only old water streams.

This park is popular for photos because of the beautiful scenery. It’s apparent in these fall family photos.

Mother and Son in fall family photo

This fall family photoshoot was especially joyous because they were capturing their first family photos with their new baby boy. As you can see, he’s probably the most photogenic baby you’ve ever seen in your life. I had so much fun making him laugh. Both me and his parents would start cracking up every time he giggled.

I talk about this a lot but I just can’t say it enough. My favourite part of my job is capturing those authentic moments that you want to remember. As I look back on this day, I can’t help but think that these photos embody that goal.

It’s not even just the parents. It’s them with their newborn, absolutely glowing, just relishing in this new and beautiful family that they’ve started.

Like any family photos with a first born, what would it be without some photos between father and son?

The great part about these family photo shoots is that it really it just quality time for the family. This is especially true when there’s a new baby or child involved. It’s so much work raising a child – particularily when it’s your first. You can get caught up in trying to learn how to raise another human being. It’s a big job, let me tell you.

That’s why I love these shoots so much. You can physically see the parents relax as we start playing, taking photos and laughing together. The love just shines out – it’s almost like magic. And you know me – I’m all about magic.

See what I mean when I say love shines?

And what’s a family photo shoot without some independent pics of the new baby?

Long story short, this fall family photo shoot with this family was a fantastic day. My cheeks hurt for days afterwards from laughing so much. More than that though, I felt so touched by their obvious adoration of each other. They were a lovely family to spend time with and I just know that they will all live happily every after.

To close off the day, I made sure to capture some photos of Mom and Dad alone. As much as their family is beautiful, the love between this couple was so clear. I wanted to leave them with a photo to remind them that as much as a connection they have as a threesome, it all began because of the two of them.

Overall, this fall family photo shoot at Huron Natural Area in Kitchener was an incredible day.

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