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Shiny and New: Newborn Photos

September 13, 2020

There’s nothing quite like the squishy cheeks of a newborn baby. Just look at this beautiful newborn, Sophia. I just LOVE newborn photos.

Newborn Baby Shoot

Taking photos of this family and their newborn baby was really special because I’ve actually done past photoshoots with this family. We’ve done family photos and the maternity photoshoot for Sophia, specifically. Since many people use professional photography services for big life milestones, it’s cool to have repeat customers. I get to see them as they move through these life stages.

Actually, it’s more than that. I get to help them capture those moments so they live on forever.

Sophia is the second of two children for this family. Their first daughter, Lauren, was already shining in the Big Sister role. It’s so fascinating to me how quickly older siblings take on the role of caretaker.

This family opted for an in-home session which was really special for them. For young children in particular, it helps to keep them at ease. The candid photos are much more natural – especially with newborns.

As a photographer it was cool to be able to play around with the crib for the photos.

Newborn photos offer a unique time for a family to finally relax and look at each other again. When a baby is firstborn, the days just fly by in a blur. The exhaustion amplifies this as well. I love these newborn photoshoots because it forces everyone to slow down, to sit with each other and really relish in the company of the family.

It’s wonderful how each baby seems to add and expand the family dynamic.

I like to give each parent – and sibling, when applicable – a chance to spend some alone time and get a photo with the newborn. It doesn’t take long for them to grow up. You need to capture these moments while you can.

Then, of course, it’s time to give the little one the spotlight of her own.

And when they’re this adorable, its really easy.

It doesn’t matter if it is your first child or your fifth child – every baby is special. There’s a unique personality and original connection between each child and parent.

I again felt to special to be a part of these newborn photos. This family is so wonderful – not only as clients of mine by genuinely as people. It was great to help them celebrate this moment and to see their smiles as they reacted to these photos.

Whether you’ve been getting professional photos for all of your life milestones or are just deciding to start now, it’s never too late to capture these moments. You wont regret it.

mother and daughter

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