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Connect with other creative entrepreneurs 

Engage in weekly discussions on specific topics

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Personalized learning to get down to the nitty gritty in your biz

Together we will create and transform your business strategy to ensure you are moving confidently in the direction of your goals.



The popular topics:

The Details: Sessions begin at $250.00

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Visualize. learn. Grow. 

Destination Weddings and how to break into and thrive in the market

Friend, I'm here to cheer you on every step of the way!

Let's chat

Wedding shows and how to book your ideal clients & fill your calendar

Building a personal brand and how to make that work for your business

Diversifying your portfolio and booking model calls

Networking with like minded business to drive in income

Living in a digital world allows for us to take these virtually, which is great as I can connect with creatives all over the world. We will start our journey together with a questionnaire so I can get a better idea as to what the pain points are for you. From there we will  deep dive into building a strategy you can put into action.These sessions also include a complimentary follow up call to hear all about your success. 


create a virtual storefront that's branded for booking

Stop feeling overwhelmed by your website and turn it into the money making magnet it should be, because you deserve it! 



The popular topics:

The Details: $175.00

Are we a good fit?

online presence 101

Home page imagery and content

You don’t want a website like me, you want a website like you!

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How to create a website strategy that converts to sales

How to get them from the pricing page to your contact form

Your about page matters, what information should you include

Building a contact form to set you up for success

This online session from beginning to end will around 2 hours. It will include a little bit of homework in form of a questionnaire and two short phone calls to get a better understanding on what your personal pain points are. From there, I will take an run through your site to create a roadmap strategy for you to implement. 


Learn how to document your clients in an authentic way 

Getting out into the field for some hands on learning has never been easier. 



The popular topics:

The Details: Sessions begin at $250.00

Are we a good fit?

Time to get behind the camera

Learn prompts I use to get real smiles, laughs and moments out of my clients. 

Shadow sessions show you how I interact and guide my clients during our session.

Let's chat

Prepping and asking the right questions leading up to the session

How to position couples that is most flattering.

How to break any awkward silences or moments during the session

Seeing the location in a new light for each client.

During our one and a half hour session, we will spend time together before and after the 45 minute session time to prep and review and have a Q&A portion. During the session you will view how I talk and move my clients to be engaging and encouraging. You will then get a chance to guide the clients and put what you learned to good practise. You will walk away with images you can use for your portfolio as well.


tools to manage your business on the go and give you the freedom you deserve


Contracts, templates, workflows and more!

Save 50% off your first year 

Edit quick and easy in Lightroom or Photoshop. Need design app? They got that too! 

Drag and drop websites and blog with free or paid  design templates

Plan and schedule instagram & pinterest content with ease.

Free up your time and outsource your editing with quick turnaround and great customer service

Cull your images in no time and tag them for faster viewing 

Online gallery and print shop. Plus add a mobile app gallery to your clients package!
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Email marketing has never been easier!

Save 50% off your first year 

Schedule, book and get paid for your portrait sessions in one place. 




Image Salon





Run your business with passion and drive and a little coffee on the side!



"I changed and felt like there was an incredible amount of clarity on who I am, what I need to do, and steps to work past the roadblocks I create for myself. This was change for the business and myself inside and out! I do believe that the entire experience was priceless in the sense that it had soooo much to offer. "

- Tyler

education reviews

"If you are looking to learn from one of the top professionals in the wedding photography industry, then Jess is your girl! From the moment our mentorship started, she was completely open, honest and she let me pick her brain about everything wedding photography related. She has helped me so much with my social media skills and I am seeing results since I started implementing what I learned into my business. Jess is definitely worth the investment, you won't be disappointed!

- Meg

education reviews

"A great tool for any level of photographer to have under their belt. As a new entrepreneur, I had no idea where to start to get my business off of the ground. With Jess’s program she gave me all the tools, and the push to get everything I needed to further my photography business.

- Sarah

education reviews

Things that make the world go round 

Photography Gear

Canon 6D Mark ||

Sony a7iii

Canon 35mm F1.4 ||

Canon 50mm F1.8

Canon 135mm F2.0

Canon 100mm 2.8 L 

Canon Speedlite 600 EX ||-RT

Think Tank Airport Roller

Delkin SD Card Tote

Eneloop Rechargeable AA's

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Kelly Moore Camera Bag



Okay, so these are many of the items that I use in my business almost on the daily or  gear that I can't live (or work) without!






MacBook Pro

iMac 27in

Seagate 5T portable HD

Apple iPhone 10 XS

Mophie 20,000 Powerbank

Sony Bluetooth Headphones

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Like a Virgin

The 4-Hour Work Week

Atomic Habits

Profit First

Daring Greatly

The Ride of a Lifetime

The Total Money Makeover

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