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Intimate Backyard Wedding Proves Bigger Isn’t Always Better

August 6, 2020

If you ever needed proof that size isn’t everything, then Chrissy and Rob’s wedding will do it for you. This beautiful backyard wedding provided a gorgeous backdrop for a perfect day.

Backyard Wedding

The beautiful couple had been together for 10 years before they got married. It was clear as day that not one of those years dampened the love that they still shared when they said, “ I do.”

Hosted at a home in Cambridge, Ontario, this small and intimate wedding held the same level of romance, class and emotion that you could have felt when Will and Kate got married. Everyone could tell that excitement was in the air as guests arrived and got settled.

The tasteful decor was simple and absolutely perfect for the vibe of the day. I love weddings with clean lines and a simple backdrop for the ceremony. – whether it’s in a giant space or an intimate backyard wedding like this one.  

The rustic vibe of the wedding carried through to the simple and elegant cake and desserts – both of which were presented on a simple wooden serving board and tiered- tray. The pop of yellow on the cake was totally eye-catching and matched the rest of the decor perfectly. The yellow could be found in the decor, flowers and even the shining sun on that gorgeous day. 

Like many weddings – small and large – the ceremony brought plenty of laughter and tears. I love the big smiles and rounds of applause that rise afterwards. Safe to say this small wedding would have woken the neighbours. 

After the wedding, everyone headed down to Mill Race Park. Mill Race Park in Cambridge is great for wedding photography because you can actually reserve the park for wedding photos. Many couples love to use local green spaces for photos but it can be hard to get shots without anyone in the background or holding up foot-traffic to get the perfect shot. Being able to book a park space can get rid of that fear altogether.

Mill Race was created in 1974 after a major flood in Galt, Ontario. Built from the remains of a mill from 1847 which was demolished for flood works protection project to keep downtown Galt from flooding, the site today has hosted thousands of weddings and special events. The stone amphitheater and outlook over beautiful Galt make it a great spot for photos of all sorts. 

It was great that the entire family came along for the post-wedding photos. The couple was totally still glowing from the ceremony. I felt honoured to have been able to be a part of this intimate backyard wedding and special day.

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