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Top Canadian Honeymoon Destinations

June 30, 2020

COVID-19 is changing a lot about the world, especially weddings. COVID-19 wedding couples are a whole group on their own as cancellations and postponements interrupt nuptials on a global scale. As gatherings start being allowed and wedding licenses are again being issued, one of the things on the minds of couples is their honeymoon. For Canadians, it might be time to consider Canadian honeymoon destinations.

Honeymoons are a time to relax after the wedding. It’s the opportunity to make new memories and celebrate the beginning of their new life together. It’s one of my favorite questions to ask couples. I love the way their faces light up as they talk about their first newlywed adventure they plan to take. 

If borders stay closed, what does that mean for Canadian couples? 

Many people are pushing off their international travel plans for Canadian destinations. My husband and I had to do that ourselves because we were going to Florida to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. With so much change happening in our lives, I can only imagine how hard it must be to rethink your wedding, let alone the honeymoon!   

It doesn’t matter if you were thinking about having a Canadian honeymoon all along or are considering one now because of COVID. Our country offers so many beautiful and romantic destinations to choose from. Here are 5 amazing and romantic Canadian honeymoon destinations to think about for your honeymoon. 

#1: The Secret of the Magdalen Islands

Never heard of them? I’m not that surprised. A hidden secret in Canada, the Magdalen Islands are a collection of islands off the coast of P.E.I. in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Technically a part of the Province of Quebec, these islands are made up of 8 larger islands (by Candian standards) and offer the perfect island getaway while staying on Canadian soil. 

Magdalen Islands Canadian honeymoon Destinations
The Magdalen Islands. Image from CN Traveller.

Why Do I Love Them As A Canadian Honeymoon Destination?

With beautiful sand beaches, waters perfect for kayaking and swimming, and hiking in the summer months, the small-town feel of each island is still rich in the local culture. The Magdalen Islands are the perfect Canadian honeymoon destination for those who want to wander from pastry cafe to beach to wildlife preservation all within the same day.

#2: Beautiful Quebec City

One of the oldest cities in Canada and the oldest French-speaking community in North America is Quebec City. It’s also one of Canada’s most popular honeymoon destinations. You may remember going there as a kid. But, I promise you that there is a lot that this city offers for adults, too. Sometimes referred to as Canada’s Paris, there’s nothing quite like holding hands with your sweetheart as you stroll down cobblestone roads, window shop little boutiques and sip lattes at a cafe while you people watch. 

It really is a top choice for a Canadian honeymoon destination.

Quebec City Canadian Honeymoon Destination

#3: The Not-So-Secret Vancouver Island

Much more well known than the Magdalen Islands, Vancouver Island is an adventure all on its own. It doesn’t matter if you choose to stay in Victoria BC or to do a full road trip tour and stop along the route at any of the beautiful towns on the island. Vancouver Island provides the perfect mix of rustic and romantic. 

Eat Nanaimo bars in the city they came from. Go whale watching in Tofino and catch your own dinner in Ucluelet. The drive between the towns offers breathtaking views. If you’re lucky, you might see some bears or other Canadian wildlife, too!

#4: Banff, Lake Louise & The Canadian Rockies

Banff is a cliche for a Canadian honeymoon for good reason. With breathtaking views, local breweries, delicious food, and outdoor adventures, the Canadian Rockies could be the perfect place to celebrate your marriage. It’s kind of like Vancouver Island, but if mountains are more your thing than the ocean. If mountains are your thing, then a Banff Canada honeymoon may be exactly what you need. 

Lake Louise is particularly popular. It’s clear-blue waters surrounded by hiking trails and snow-capped mountains make it a romantic destination. What I love about the Rockies is that no matter the season, this area of Canada offers something beautiful. Colors in the fall, greenery in the summer, animals in the spring, and soft snowfalls in the winter. Just be sure to check the forecast and pack appropriately. 

#5: Roadtrip Small Towns in Ontario

If planes aren’t really your thing or you prefer driving and staying more local, an Ontario road trip could be the perfect honeymoon for you. Plus, why choose one cute town when you can choose a few?

Staying local doesn’t have to mean giving up on any of your honeymoon dreams. Close to KW, you can find Paris, Elora, Fergus, and Stratford. Cute shops, patios for sipping cocktails or coffee, riverside parks, and old mills – there’s an endless number of relaxing and romantic ways to spend time with your partner. For something a bit more lively but still local, Niagara is the perfect combo of romance and fun. There’s nothing like hitting up wineries during the day and haunted houses at night. 

Elora Mill, Ontario

As a lover of road trips myself, I’d even recommend doing a bit of a drive and visiting places like Prince Edward county (which has some AMAZING distilleries, wineries, and breweries), Almonte, or Perth. Head north and spend some time in Ottawa and stop in Algonquin Park to see some moose. 

No matter where you go on your honeymoon, the idea should be to spend time with your new life partner and to celebrate the rest of your lives. I know that COVID has made it especially hard to know what will happen for travel and honeymoons in the future. But our country has some beautiful, romantic and adventure-packed destinations that can give you the kind of honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of. These Canadian honeymoon destinations are all within our borders and, as an added bonus, will support local communities during these trying times.

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