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How To Chose a Wedding Photography Package

March 22, 2022

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When it’s time to book your wedding photographer and choose your wedding photography package, knowing what collection to pick can be the hardest choice. After all, these photos will be what you’ll look back on for the rest of your life. You’ll hang these photos on your walls. You’ll share them with your children, their children, and all your friends and family.

What is different about photography packages?

Different plans usually cover:

  • different lengths of time on the day
  • USB of photos
  • online wedding photo album
  • edited photos
  • prints

Depending on the type of plan you get, you may also get:

  • a second photographer
  • videographer
  • an included engagement session
  • extra photos edited or printed

Why does time impact wedding photography package pricing?

Many wedding packages are more expensive based on time. Time, honeslty, is one of the biggest pricing factors when booking a photographer for your wedding. If you want a photographer for just the ceremony and a few group and couple photos, then you’ll only be paying for a few hours of time. Full day packages that include getting ready, the ceremony, portraits, first dance, cake, and all night of the reception will cost you more money.

Think of it like this: The longer the photographer is there, the more photos they have to edit. That means more time spent on the post-production side that some couple’s don’t think about when looking at cost. Editing can be easy but it can also be hard. When you pay for experience, editing skill is a part of this.

After more than 10 years in the industry, here are my best tips for choosing your wedding photography package.

1. Be realistic about budget when first exploring wedding photography packages

I know this is impossible for many people but going cheep and saving money on photography is not always the best plan. Professionals charge based on years of experience and skills. If you’re going with a discounted or new photographer to save some money, you may be compromising on the quality of your photos.

Before you set your budget, take a look at what the current prices are like for photographers you like. This will help you set realistic expectations about how much money it will cost you.

2. Make a list of what photos you want from your wedding photographer

Do you want many group shots? Are you interested in booking an engagement shoot as well? Do you want a lot of reception and night photos?

We all have Pinterest boards of the photos we want. Bring those ideas to your photographer or look for one that has captured those same moments.

Depending on how much of your day you want captured, you can immediately eliminate certain packages. if you know you care about having someone there all day, expect to pay more. But if you know what you want and care about, it makes selection much easier.

And BE PICKY! These are your WEDDING PHOTOS! Never feel bad for having a list. Just make sure to share that list with your photographer sooner than later.

3. Explore photo styles — and YES there are photo styles

I, for one, am a big fan of fun, goofy, laughing and “real” couples. I take photos where people are relaxes and that feel more candid. Some wedding photographers prefer a more dramatic look. Depending on what type of photos you like, you can narrow down what wedding photographers you may want to book.

4. Book an engagement shoot with the photographer you like

Is there a better way to test out a photographer than to do a photoshoot with them? Booking an engagement photo shoot or doing a small shoot like my seasonal ones lets you connect with a photographer, see their work and get a vibe for if you want this person to shoot your wedding.

After all, your photographer will be there with you on your wedding day. It’s important to like them! And this point brings us to number 5:

5. Don’t underestimate the value of personal connection for wedding photos

You’ve seen the differences in photos when the person is relaxed and having fun compared to ones where the person is feeling uncomfortable. The difference is so deep you can’t even really edit it out. It’s in the eyes.

Having a photographer you like and connect with can make a HUGE difference on how your wedding photos turn out. so be picky! Ask to meet for coffee or book a consult zoom chat so you can see if you vibe with the photographer on a personal level.

Not only will this make your wedding photos look better but your day will be so much more fun.

The Secret to Picking a Wedding Photography Package

At the end of the day, there is one thing that will make choosing your wedding photographer and picking a package easy: focus on what you want, how you imagine your day and don’t compromise on that. If you’re clear in what you’re looking for and expect of your wedding photographer, the right person and package will jump out at you.

Still not sure where to start? Contact me to book a chat and let’s see if we can get you started together.

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