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LaSalle Park Engagement Photos: A Reminder During COVID

September 30, 2020

Brittany and Jonathan’s engagement session was a beautiful day at LaSalle park in Burlington, Ontario. The park has a mix of waterfront walkways, open green space and pedestrian walkways. This makes it a great choice for photos all all sorts for anyone living in Southern Ontario. 

The couple themselves were beautiful – not that I’d expect anything else. The engagement-glow is a real thing – I swear it. 

Brittany and Jonathan had planned a beautiful wedding day at Whistle Bear Golf Course for Spring of 2020. Unfortunately their wedding was one of the many effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to reschedule their wedding for this fall. Hopefully that will be the one and only reschedule they’ll have to do. 

One of my favourite things about engagement photos is the ability to capture this part of a relationship. There are so many milestones in relationships that don’t get the same level of commemoration or celebration. For some reason wedding days and family photos take the cake. But all of these life milestones come from that magical day when one person asks another to spend the rest of their life together. 

When taking photos at a park it can end up where the backdrop for many photos looks the same. I like seeking out new unique places in order to diversify the photos. This is also part of the reason why I enjoy playing with edits and trying out black and white photos to mix it up. It keeps the portraits looking fresh and gives couples a variety to chose from.

LaSalle park is a great place for these variety shots. I loved taking advantage of the diverse backdrops with this couple.

You’re smiling after looking at all those, aren’t you? It’s okay. I am too.

Although this couple has had to postpone their wedding day I’m happy that they at least have these photos. During COVID it is a nice remember of what it is they’re waiting for and why it’s worth celebrating. 

Tens of thousands of couples have had to postpone their day of celebration because of the pandemic. Unfortunately it’s one of life’s milestones that has been taken completely out of the control of the couple. As much planning and organizing that goes into it noon planned for a pandemic.

If you are looking for some tips about how to reschedule your wedding because of COVID, you can check out my handy dandy COVID guide. 

Enough about cancellations and COVID, though. Because despite the fact that Brittany andJonathan have had to reschedule their wedding the day of the engagement shoot was such a great celebration of their union. The water offered a perfect backdrop to their smiles and kisses and they basically danced around the park, floating on their adoration for each other. I sometimes wish that couples could see how they look at each other more clearly. I really try to capture that in my photos because it makes my heart swell each time. 

No matter what happens in life, be it COVID or any other kind of pandemic, crisis or catastrophe, love will always shine through it all.  With that, I have no doubt.

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