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Day After Wedding Photos in Spello, Italy

September 8, 2020

Rachel and Wes are a really special couple to me. I was lucky enough to photograph their destination wedding in Italy. AND I got to take their engagement photos – where Rachel was a true gem as a Lady in Red. This photoshoot is from the day after their wedding.

After their beautiful Italian wedding, we did a day trip out to Spello to have some fun and capture some more photos. This “day after” is something that I include in all of my destination wedding collections. I think it adds something extra special to the destination planning and gives new couples a day after to really just spend time together and enjoy their wedding/honeymoon/vacation.

I love when couples decide to wear their wedding suits and dresses for these “next day” sessions. Since it’s something you probably won’t wear again, why not make use of it? Plus, there isn’t any concern about it getting dirty or anything else happening to it before the night is over.

Spello is an ancient town in Italy. Established during the Roman empire in the 1st century, B.C. during the reign of Constantine the Great, the town was actually once called Flavia Constans. Flavia is the family name of a well-known lineage back in Ancient Roman times – indicating this this beautiful town was once home to someone important.

It’s not that surprising. With a view like this and photogenic backdrops galore, I’d happily move here, too.

Rachel used to live in Italy and actually planned this special day for us. This turned out to be really great because she knew all the best places. There was such a great mix of stone, arches, scenery and flowers.

We found these GORGEOUS window boxes with these beautiful flowers. It was just begging us to stop and take photos.

Another really cool thing about these day after photos is that, by this time, we’re all pretty comfortable with each other. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much.

Believe it or not – I’ve seen a lot of weddings. But this destination wedding and these day after photos may very well be as close to a fairy tale as I’ve ever seen. And you all know how much I love Disney.

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