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Intimate Langdon Hall Wedding

April 14, 2020

Intimate wedding goals to be found here. This was my first wedding ever at Landon Hall and I became completely smitten with this intimate luxury wedding venue. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, this venue has so much to offer. Personally, I fell in love with all the spaces as they all offer so much natural light and neutral tones, was my photographers’ dream space.

This wedding specifically took place on Valentines Day. It was the perfect date to create that cozy and intimate setting. When I arrived at Langdon Hall, I asked the concierge where I could find Lauren and the bellman took me to her suite, what service! I was immediately impressed with the venue.

Upon arrival to the suite, Lauren was relaxing before her daughter, and adorable flower girl, arrived. I was so excited when Lauren told me that her daughter has a matching dress to her gown. Her daughter was absolutely adorable and loved being in her dress that was just like moms.

bride and mom sitting waiting to get ready for wedding
flower girl dress handing on fireplace
bride getting daughter into flower girl dress
bride putting jewellery on daughter flower girl
Flower girl getting dressed with grandma in black and white
Bridal suite wedding gown hanging on door with flower girl twirling

I simply adored all the details that Lauren had. They were classic and timeliness and were a perfect match for the day her and Brad envisioned. My favourite piece from her day would have to be her gown. It fit her perfectly and it moved so seamlessly and photographed amazingly.

Once she was all dressed and ready to go, we took off out into the cold for the first look with Brad.

bride dress hanging on door beside window with floral bouquet in vase
wedding details shot of ring and shoes
bride entering room in wedding gown smiling at flower girl
Bridal Suite bride putting on shoes
bride at Langdon Hall sitting in chair close up of makeup
flower girl watching the bride get her shoes on

I headed outside to meet Brad and to bring him to the location for where he would first see his bride. As Lauren made her way down the sidewalk, his smile grew and grew. With a subtle tap on the shoulder he turned, smiled bigger and gasped. Have I mentioned how much I love first looks?

Groom waiting while bride walking up behind him for first look
collage of bride and groom having first look at winter wedding outside at Langdon Hall
Bride and groom first look at Langdon Hall
bride wiping away tear during first look
bride and groom hug during first look at Langdon Hall in snow
bride and groom kiss at first look
bride and groom walking through Langdon Hall gardens

After the first look, we spent some time wandering the grounds in and around Langdon Hall. Luckily it was a cold winter day and not too many people were out so we had full range of the space to move quickly from location to location.

black and white photo of wedding couple kissing
bride and groom walking in front of venue with groom holding flowers
close up portrait of bride and groom smiling at each other
bride looking at camera while groom looks at bride
bride and groom kiss in close up shot in front of Langdon Hall entrance
groom looking at camera while bride smiles at groom
full body photo of bride and groom looking at each other in front of venue
bride and groom kissing out front of Langdon Hall wedding venue
Langdon Hall fire pit with bride and groom and venue in background
formal portrait of bride and groom outside in winter wedding
bride outside at winter wedding with faux fur scarf
close up of bride smiling at camera outside at winter wedding
full portrait of bride at Langdon Hall winter wedding
bride and groom laughing in close up hugging photo
full body portrait of bride and groom in black and white hugging
bride smelling floral bouquet outside in the snow
bridal portrait in winder holding florals
groom laughing touching glasses
landscape portrait of bride and groom out in snow

After about 20 minutes outside we decided to do some photos inside before Brad’s first look with his flower girl daughter. Which was the sweetest moment ever! Those photos are coming your way. Keep scrolling!

bride and groom walking up stairs at Langdon Hall

This intimate venue literally has photo opportunity locations everywhere! The natural light in this conservatory was so dreamy and would also be the backdrop for their ceremony in half and hr.

intimate close up of bride and groom kissing in sunroom
intimate Bride and groom snuggle in conservatory room in black and white
intimate side by side photo of groom kissing bride on the cheek
bride and groom laughing during their portrait session
groom twirling bride in dining room at Langdon Hall intimate setting
bride twirling with groom in intimate reception room
black and white collage of bride twirling in dress with groom
close up of groom looking out window with bride in the shadows in the background
black and white silhouette of bride and groom in front of window

Now it was time for Brad to see his little lady. Be prepared for cuteness overload.

Groom waiting to do a first look with his flower girl daughter
bride and flower girl entering ceremony location for first look with groom intimate
Flower girl walking to dad for first look with bride
flower girl and dad have a first look
dad and flower girl at Langdon Hall have first look
flower girl with big smile on her face hugging dad intimate

We took this opportunity to do some quick family photos as well.

family photo at Langdon hall
flower girl with bride and groom in background
flower girl and bride playing with ceremony floral petals intimate

Before guests started to arrive for the ceremony we snuck back up to the suite for Brad to finish writing out his vows and managed to sneak a few more great bridal portraits of Lauren.

bride looking out winder in bridal suite in colour intimate
bride in suite looking at camera standing in front of window
full bridal portrait in black and white silhouette of bride looking out window

Can we take a minute to appreciate this stunning and simple ceremony space? Talk about intimate wedding goals! They had 18 guests attend their valentines day wedding.

Conservatory ceremony room at intimate Langdon Hall venue
chair setup of ceremony site at intimate Langdon Hall wedding intimate
guests smiling in intimate ceremony room
groom and flower girl walking aisle at ceremony
flower girl with grandparents at wedding ceremony
bride and dad enter ceremony room and walk aisle
dad and bride hug on ceremony aisle
full room photo of intimate ceremony at Langdon Hall
bride and groom standing at intimate ceremony
bride handing off bouquet to friend at ceremony
bride and groom holding hands at ceremony smiling
photo of a cell phone taking a photo of wedding couple at their ceremony
intimate wedding ceremony at Langdon Hall
ceremony with couple standing at the alter
groom reading intimate vows to bride
bride reading vows to groom and wiping tears away
bride laughing while wiping tears away during ceremony
groom laughing while bride cries during ceremony
bride and groom exchanging rings in4 photo collage
bride and groom holding 1 hand confirming marriage
first kiss during ceremony at Langdon Hall

Like I have said time and again during this post, the venue is amazing! Just look at this reception space. This dining hall was gorgeous. The wood burning fireplace transformed the space to ultimate coziness for a private wedding dinner.

intimate reception dining hall with fireplace and candles set up
detail photo of cutlery and napkin showing langdon hall logo
wedding cake and bouquet with a candle
cocktail hour guests mingling with couple
guests talking with drinks at intimate cocktail hour
wedding detail shot of wine glass and candles
bride and father in law laughing at intimate cocktail hour
bride and groom sitting at intimate reception table in front of fireplace
dad giving toast at reception
father of the bride giving wedding toast at intimate reception dinner
guests laughing during intimate reception dinner
mother of groom laughing and smiling during intimate wedding dinner
intimate wedding toast during dinner
bride and groom toasting wedding guests and smiling
black and white photo of wine glasses toasting intimate
outside nighttime wedding photo of bride and groom kissing intimate

To round off the night, we took off for a few outdoor evening photos after sun down. I think it is safe to say that I loved this wedding from beginning to end.

Congratulations to Lauren and Brad. I hope this day was everything you dreamed it would be and more. Intimate, cozy and spent with your closest family and friends. Langdon Hall was a wonderful host and I can only hope that I can document another beautiful wedding here again soon.

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who made their day a success:

Venue: Langdon Hall

Florals: From the Potting Shed

Gown Shop: Taylors Bridal Boutique

Cake: Stacked Wedding Cakes

Hair: 519 Bridal Beauty

Makeup: Sarah Reeves

As always, there are many more wonderful weddings that are featured on our blog and if you want to check out some more, come see this fun Disney Cruise Wedding on the Disney Dream ship. Click HERE to see that!

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