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Intimate Wedding at The Pines, Cambridge

February 25, 2022

It was a hot sunny August day when Stephanie and Andrew said “I do.” The couple met when they both started working at the same place and it was an immediate connection. This couple had a smaller wedding at The Pines in Cambridge, Ontario. The guests consisted mainly of close friends and family. Although there was only about 60 of them, they celebrated enough to make noise worthy of a much louder group. 

This wedding proves that small definitely IS mighty. 

The Pines Cambridge Wedding
The Pines Cambridge Wedding
The Pines Cambridge Wedding
The Pines Cambridge Wedding
The Pines Cambridge Wedding

Small Wedding Parties

The bride and groom each only had one person in their wedding party. The sister of the bride and the brother of the groom were the Maid of Honour and the Best Man. The vibe around the wedding party was fun and light. And they had a lot of fun throughout the entire night as well.

Wedding party at The Pines in Cambridge
Bride and Maid of Honour at The Pines in Cambridge
Bride and Maid of Honour at the Pines in Cambridge

The Pines in Cambridge

The venue is small and sits along a river. The outdoor area was the perfect size for this wedding. The building featured a Bridal Suite where the bride and her Maid of Honour – who was her sister – were able to get ready. 

The day started there with some bonding time between the Bride, her sister and her mom. Her grandmother showed up and it was really special seeing three generations of brides all in one place. 

The ceremony was intimate with a small sermon. Stephanie’s youth pastor was the officiant at the wedding. It’s rare to see such a close connection between the bride and the person marrying them. A small sermon took place with the Maid of Honour reading the “Love is patient. Love is kind” verse from the bible. 

The Couple

The couple was just beautiful. Their eyes glowed while they said their vows and when we took photos afterward. I think even my cheeks hurt by the end of the day from smiling. 

We got some lovely photos of the bride and groom and their respective parents. We needed the classic portrait photos of the Bride, the Groom and the two together. 

The Group

Because the guest list was shorter, we were able to get a group photo of everyone together. A group photo is hard to get at most weddings just because of size but it worked out so well for this couple. It was the bride herself who really wanted to get a full group picture that she included in all her “thank you” cards after the wedding. 

Small and Mighty

I’m a big fan of small weddings and this one was just lovely. It was clear front first meeting them that they have so much love for each other and it was an honour to capture their day. 

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