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Quarantined in Love

May 10, 2020

Quarantined life, how you have made life so interesting for us, am I right?!

We had big plans for our spring this year to travel to Disney World with our kids to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary with a small vow renewal and portrait session. When Covid-19 hit, we knew that plans were going to change, and they sure did.

So, in true Collins Family fashion, we put on our positive pants and replanned our trip to the end of June, thinking that would be suffice, boy were we wrong. Again, here were were, having to replan our vow renewal again. Thankfully our couple of vendors have been absolutely amazing and we have yet again scheduled another date, this time for November. So fingers crossed that is a go!

But, in the meantime, we decided to take a portion of those funds we had for our Disney World trip and decided to do a renovation on our kitchen, since we had been talking about it for years.

Here we were at 1am on a Tuesday, sitting in the kitchen talking about how disappointed we were that all our plans had changed and been cancelled multiple times, that we decided to do something to make us happy. In that moment, Ryan got up and started taking off all the cupboard doors and said ” let’s just do it!”.

After years of asking, it was happening, and let me tell you, I was not about to stop him. We spent the next 10 days making countless online orders to Home Depot & Lowe’s to get supplies. We cleaned, sanded, and painted out hearts out. It was definitely a labor of love and I am so happy that quarantined life turned this little nook of our home into space we can appreciate.

As our 10 year wedding anniversary approached we talked about how we would spend the day. Not being able to do the plans we originally wanted or being able to go out for dinner, we agreed to do a fun photo session in our newly done Kitchen. Seemed like the perfect backdrop.

I wore my wedding dress that I did 10 years prior. I held the same bouquet and we danced around the kitchen and had the most fun. While this may not have been the anniversary we had hoped for, it was one we will remember forever.

I hope you enjoy a little peek into our quarantined anniversary session.

Bride and Groom in Kitchen holding each other
Groom in suit in Kitchen leaning on counter
bride and groom in kitchen full body looking at camera
black and white image of bride and groom almost kissing close up
bride turning sideways to look at groom close up
bride and groom looking at camera
bride about to twirl dress with groom
bride and groom standing in kitchen together
bride looking at groom twirling dress in kitchen
quarantined bride groom standing in kitchen while bride twirls dress
quarantined bride with bouquet close up in kitchen
quarantined groom close up in kitchen
quarantined bride and groom laughing close up in kitchen
bride smiling in close up
bride hair tucked behind ear smiling at camera in close up
groom leaning on counter in kitchen
bride in dress in kitchen
quarantined bride twirling dress in kitchen
quarantined bride being sassy in kitchen
quarantined bride happy smiling towards the camera with dress in hands
bride and groom full body smiling at camera quarantined

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  1. DEBBIE GADKE says:

    those pictures are awesome…….good for you two to live it up anyways!!!! Love you both xoxo

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